resistanceBio's platform is designed to mimic clinical resistance evolution


Tunes the cellular environment based on known clinical outcomes and drug parameters

resistanceBio calibrates 240 unique conditions to match clinical endpoints.
  • Tumor microenvironment
  • Treatment sequence
  • PK/PD profiles


Gives cancer the time it needs to evolve clinically relevant resistance in a long-term passage-free growth environment

  • Preserves tumor heterogeneity and resistance mechanisms through 2-4 months of continuous drug exposure.
  • Identifies diverse patient subpopulations in over 1 billion evolved cells.


Creates a holistic map of
resistance evolution to accurately predict how a drug will perform in the clinic

  • Identifies resistance mechanisms through 100x more sensitive multiomic analyses.
  • Analysis at single cell resolution optimizes treatment strategies to counter resistance across subpopulations.

resistanceBio's platform captures clinical resistance mechanisms in a pre-clinical model

resistanceBio's platform was used to preclinically identify drug resistance mechanisms to a KRAS inhibitor in colorectal cancer.

resistanceBio's model identified on target mutations and off target resistance mechanisms found in clinical trials.

By modulating the tumor microenvironment and drug exposure in defined ways, ENCER can reprogram a susceptible cell line into a resistant cancer cell model that contains up to 95% of clinically identified resistance mechanisms.

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