Overcoming resistance to save lives

90% of mortality in cancer is attributed to drug resistance

This has been accepted as an unavoidable truth for >50 years.

resistanceBio is on a mission to understand and prevent drug resistance from the start.

Focusing on toxicity and efficacy results in drugs that work…
But resistance is what kills patients

Resistance needs time to evolve

Drugs are currently tested for 2-4 weeks

While clinical resistance takes over 3 months to evolve

resistanceBio combines advanced biotechnology with long-term evolution to mimic cancer resistance in humans

Tune the environment based on known clinical outcomes

Give cancer the time it needs
to evolve resistance

Create a holistic map of how
resistance evolves

When we prioritize resistance
equally to toxicity and efficacy, we can...

  • Develop longer-lasting drugs
  • Reveal resistance pathways
  • Discover novel targets
  • Predict clinical outcomes
  • Advance the right drug candidates
  • Determine new drug superiority/inferiority
  • Approve new drugs faster + cheaper
  • Discover novel biomarkers
  • Enroll fewer patients to reach endpoints
"Market size for ALK in lung is around $3.5 B. Ensartinib without any additional data could be at 8-10% at peak, with resistance data could climb to 20-25%"
Giovanni Selvaggi, MD
CMO, Imugene

We collaborate with our partners to overcome cancer drug resistance